Massage Therapy Session

Did you know that touch is the first sensory experience that develops in humans? Healthy, nurturing touch is an integral part of our experience as human beings and that is something that does not change as we age!

Have you been feeling tense and would like to relax? Are you suffering from physical pain or injury? Would you like to experience the therapeutic touch that a massage offers?

Join me for a relaxing, therapeutic massage. During a session, I will use multiple bodywork modalities to create a unique session that will suit your needs. I am trained in Traditional Swedish Massage, which is the baseline modality of my session. But I also include deep tissue, cranial sacral therapy and other techniques to enhance the quality of your session. This means that I am using multiple modalities and using all of the tools in my toolbox to assist you in your journey to health and well-being! I use a technical approach, as well as my intuition, to listen to your body and give it exactly what it needs during the time that we have together. I have a curious attention to detail, and will be able to find and relieve tension that you may not have known existed. This session is non-invasive, incredibly nurturing, and is a great way to relieve pain, stress and tension. What more could you want?

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Energy Healing Session

Gentle Touch, Powerful Effect

So... you are telling me that you can lay your hands on me and *POOF* miraculous healing will occur?

Well, not exactly. Let me explain. The human body is naturally able to heal itself. The true healing occurs when our body-minds are balanced and relaxed. When the body is fully relaxed, it promotes a healing response A.K.A. the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. This causes the "happy" hormones to be released into the blood stream, meaning: greater feelings of positivity and relaxation, greater clarity and peace of mind, an activation of the digestive system, natural healing responses occur etc. The list continues! 

I am simply using my body as a conduit for healing life force energy to flow through me into you. This healing life force energy promotes feelings of deep relaxation, thus triggering the healing response of the parasympathetic nervous system.  In my work experience I have come to the conclusion that all physical manifestation of illness occurs because on some level there is some type of weakness in the energy field. The weakness may be a result of a limiting belief or a traumatic emotional experience that has become "stuck". When something becomes "stuck" within us, we unconsciously block the flow of Qi that flows through us. It may have happened 5 minutes ago or it may have happened 20 years ago. Regardless, the goal is to allow for healthy energy to flow throughout our systems. To heal the energy field, is to heal the body at its core. When our energy flows fluidly from our crown to our root and back again, we feel amazing!!!

During an energy healing session with me, I will use my intuitive abilities to feel your aura and your subtle energetic bodies to detect any blockages that may be present in the energy field. If I find a blockage, I will work with the energy to release it. Then, I use my hands as a conduit and use the power of my mind to focus to allow healing life force energy to flow through me, into you. My healing touch is very gentle and calming. This is a LOVE based practice, and only loving Source energies, like Reiki, are allowed to flow through me during a session. As the energy flows, you may feel warmth and tingling sensations, you may feel a gentle releasing of energies, and you may see colors or have visions. All of these are great experiences to have!

Your job during the session is easy. All you need to do is lie down fully clothed on the healing table, relax in the best way you know how and ENJOY!!